Monday, May 13, 2013

The Commotion Continues

Life has been a little crazy for us over the past few months. As soon as we adjusted to life as a family of four - we started packing for the next chapter in our life.  We have still managed to have a little fun and catch a little crazy in the process!
Hey mom look at my new trick!!!!

Shaef and Ty loving on their little siblings - Evy is not so happy about it!
We have slowed down a little to catch some z's. 

We also explored a new area!  There are some nature trails over at UNF and we spent an afternoon exploring with some good friends.

Dad has even had a few moments to spend time with the kids! 
Our favorite part is spending time with friends - and dressing up like super heroes!

And squeezing a little time in to learn some new things.... writing our name....

...and how to play on our own!
I pretty much can't get enough of this chub! 

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