Monday, May 13, 2013

Holiday Celebrations

Life has been pretty crazy around here but we have still managed to do a few special things for the holidays.  I have a lot of fun trying to make the day a little more special and exciting!

Valentines Day
Growing up, my parents always gave us some little Valentine gift and we have continued that tradition. Shaef was so thrilled to get one of the Rescue Bots that he has "always wanted"!
WE had a little Valentines day party at our house too where we decorated cookies and made Valentines - we managed to catch a picture of these cute siblings!

I love to decorate the table really pretty and have a "nicer" dinner for our family dinner on Valentines. Anson brought me chocolates and flowers which added perfectly to the decor!

St. Patrick's Day

I was not planning on doing anything really special for this Holiday.  Anson was out of town at a Moot Court Competition and we were just aiming at surviving while he was gone, and in the past years I have tried to make this holiday fun since Green is Shaef's favorite color but last year's festivities didn't go well.  When I was putting Shaef to bed, he said "Mom tomorrow the Leprechauns are going to turn my milk green! I am so excited." Que mom's scramble to do some last minute preparations. 

All in all it was very successful and he had something so fun to talk to his dad about when we picked him up from the airport that night.  Anson had a "lucky" weekend himself and his hard work paid off - earning a BEST ORALIST award at the competition he was at!  We are so proud of him!
Happy Easter 
The Easter bunny headed to our house and brought us too much candy and some spring clothes for family pictures! :)  Shaef hunted eggs at our house and at our church activity, and we dyed eggs.  
And once again...any chance I can get to dress these two up in matching clothes!

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