Monday, May 13, 2013

Jacksonville Zoo

We took full advantage of the off season days at the Zoo and went as many times as we could! It is a really great zoo and Shaef loves animals so it is a perfect activity for our family! Anson was even able to go with us one day so it was fun for Shaef to show him everything!

The Green Mamba - Shaef's favorite is green!
Shaef and Miley checking out the Giraffe's

Shaef and Evy in our favorite double stroller
Evy's first time at the zoo - she slept most of the time.
The above pictures and the below pictures are probably only a week apart and we are sporting shorts in one and sweaters in the other.  The weather here has been pretty crazy!

The Rhinos
We let Shaef feed the giraffe and good thing we videoed it because the Giraffe was not patient and stuck is tongue out and grabbed the food that we were waiting to feed her.

Evy probably gets tired of seeing the zoo from this perspective!
The jaguar was sleeping so close and Shaef loved that he could see him so close!

Shaef's favorite green turtle that welcomes you to the zoo.  We are going to miss this zoo!

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Kacey said...

YAY!! You updated!! These pics made me miss the Zoo there, we loved it!! The kiddos are growing up waaaay too fast!! So cute!